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12 Best Practices for Mitigating Product Liability

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All manufacturers carry a duty of care in providing consumer products that are safe for its intended use. If an incident occurs, establishing who is at fault can be a long, tiresome, and expensive process. That’s why it’s important to ensure your organization is taking all necessary precautions throughout the entire manufacturing lifecycle. A comprehensive understanding of what you can do to reduce your liability is an essential step towards building a stable financial plan.

To get you started, we’ve assembled these 12 best practices for managing product liability. These will help when developing or reviewing the processes that are specific to your product.


One key measure that applies to any product is documentation. When packaging your product for sale, be sure to include detailed instructions on safe use and assembly of the item. Appropriate labels should be placed on all pieces of the product, for both identification and for safety purposes. 

This recorded information could be what shifts liability away from your organization in the event of an incident or injury.

To see all 12 tips including design flaws, tracking product claims, communicating with responsible parties and more, download the whitepaper by following the link below:

Download the Whitepaper


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