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Best of @ClearRisk – Our Risk Management Twitter Feed (Part 2)

This is the second of a series of posts entitled Best of @ClearRisk – Our Risk Management Twitter Feed. Click to read our previous risk management Twitter feed post.

With a busy and constantly updating Twitter feed, it is sometimes easy to miss great risk management content. Last month, we noted some of the most popular blog posts and articles that have been shared on the @ClearRisk twitter feed.

First, we tweeted about The 10 Best Industry Blogs, a post from Risk Management Monitor. This was our top clicked-on link for risk management news; the post acknowledges 10 of the best blogs in the risk management and insurance industry. We would also like to thank Risk Management Magazine for recognizing our blog amongst these great industry resources. Risk Management Monitor provides daily stories, commentary, interviews, and more, all related to the risk management and insurance industry. Be sure to visit Risk Management Monitor and read the blogs mentioned within the full post!

The sixth in a series of seven posts, 7 Sources of Data Breaches You’ll Never Hear About: Your Cloud Backup highlights the insecurity associated with cloud computing. This blog via Security Catalyst provides some tips on how to mitigate this information security risk. Information security is an issue as important as ever with the latest technological advancements; this blog series is not to be missed.

Riskviews, a blog that offers commentary on risk and enterprise risk management, posted a popular article on how to measure the success of risk management entitled Risk Management Success. This post also provides 8 clear and obtainable objectives for a risk management program. You can access these tips here.

The Big Fat Finance Blog posted some great tips on managing IT risk. The blog, stemming from, supplies senior finance executives with information and insight into key finance issues, strategies, trends, and technologies. This blog post, 10 Steps to Better IT Risk Management, does not only apply to finance executives; with the latest advancements in technology, information security is vital to the success and protection of every business. These ten tips will help you to secure your business and improve your risk management program.

Lastly, ClearRisk’s own risk management blog was well-received by our followers. In the second of a five-part series, 25 Quick Tips to Get Started with your Risk Management Planning (Part Two), we provide an additional five tips to start your risk management program. Be sure to stay tuned for the remaining 15 tips.

Twitter is an exciting place to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the risk and insurance industry. Thanks for the members above for putting out such great content.

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