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How Steve Jobs Changed Technology, Business, and the World

The overwhelming sentiment I am noticing today is that so many people feel a profound sense of loss for someone they have never met. Steve Jobs changed everything!

How many business leaders in history can we truly say changed the world? Not only did he revolutionize personal computing, mobile phones, the music industry, and the way people read, play and work, he also inspired a generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

I recently read Michael Moritz’s book, Return to the Little Kingdom, about the beginnings of Apple and its first billion. Jobs is a truly fascinating person and I highly recommend the book to gain insight into the history that shaped one of the biggest companies in the world.

When I started ClearRisk 5 years ago, he was one of my business icons. I imagine that every technology entrepreneur in the past three decades would say the same thing. It isn’t just his success that everyone wants to emulate; it’s his visionary leadership. He saw what others didn’t and fought all comers that didn’t share his vision. He was a perfectionist whose primary concern was making technology useful, simple, and accessible.

Many times in the development of ClearRisk’s products, I have said that they need to be more like Apple. Everyone knows what that means: simple with a lot of utility that doesn’t require an instruction manual.

No one knows what will happen to Apple without the greatest innovator of our time, but I truly wish the company well! No doubt it will be a different company, but Disney survived and thrived after the loss of its visionary, so hopefully Apple will too — for Steve and for all of us.

How has Steve Jobs changed the way you live, work, and play?

Let me know in the comments below!