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*New* How Real Insurance Brokers Use Risk Management to Win & Retain Clients

Insurance Leaders Webinar Risk Management

In this video, our 3 Insurance Broker panelists discuss how using ClearRisk Manager has improved their business. Learn from these experts how to use ClearRisk Manager with both prospects and current clients, and hear their answers to common questions on offering risk management services with ClearRisk Manager.


Risk Management with ClearRisk Manager

risk management video clearrisk managerEffectively managing and mitigating risk is a growing concern, especially within small and medium sized businesses that lack in-house risk management resources. Using ClearRisk Manager to implement formalized processes, your small or medium sized business can achieve the same benefits from risk management as larger corporations do, even without any prior risk management experience.

Join ClearRisk CEO, Craig Rowe FCIP, CRM, as he discusses the five steps of the Risk Management Process, and how you can easily and affordably formalize your risk management initiatives with ClearRisk Manager.

How to Deliver Risk Management Planning to your Clients

describe the imageClients are expecting more and more from their insurance brokers; as a trusted advisor, your clients expect you to help manage their risk. By working with clients towards risk improvement, brokers are better equipped to give advice and help make their clients ‘best-in-class-risks’, leading to better terms in the insurance market.

Join ClearRisk CEO, Craig Rowe FCIP, CRM for a free 30 min webinar as he discusses how ClearRisk Manager can help your brokerage attract and retain clients, increase CPC, strengthen client relationships, and create competitive advantage.

How to use ClearRisk Manager to get Results with Risk Management

describe the imageUnderstanding the importance of Risk Management and identifying the processes to properly mitigate risk equips you with the knowledge and tools to effectively manage risk within your organization.

Join ClearRisk CEO, Craig Rowe FCIP, CRM as he discusses how ClearRisk Manager can bring timeliness and structure to your organization’s risk management efforts.


Top 10 Ways to Use Risk Management to Increase Brokerage Revenue

describe the imageRisk management is a powerful way for brokerages to win business and improve profitability. Using simple tactics, brokerages can provide value-adding services that can help to build and maintain competitive advantage and customer relationships.

Join ClearRisk CEO, Craig Rowe FCIP, CRM for a free 30 min webinar as he discusses the top ten ways for your brokerage to win business and retain clients using Risk Management.