Frequently Asked Questions

What do we look for in a candidate?

Usually we gravitate towards candidates who can demonstrate their proficiency in one or more programming languages, business acumen, or a healthy amount of inquisitiveness. Every work-term student goes through training, so being able to learn new concepts quickly and a team player should be enough to be considered.

My background is not in business or technology. Should I still apply?

Yes! Our colleagues came from a diverse range of backgrounds such as software engineering, business, commerce, economics, math, design, and film. If you have an eagerness to learn, and work well in a team environment, your skills and fresh perspective will be of great value to our team.

How long are the work terms?

Here at ClearRisk, we don’t like to think about your work term as being a temporary placement. Although your school may have a specific period of time allotted for your work term such as four months or 6 weeks, depending on the program; we like to think of it almost like a trial period. If by the end of your work term we feel like you’re a good fit, you will receive an offer to stay on part-time during your school semester, another position on future work terms, and possibly even a full-time position after graduation. 

What responsibilities should I expect to have in the business team?

The business team works together in a variety of areas, including marketing strategy planning, customer success management, inbound/outbound sales activity, or business development research. You will be given tasks related to any of these areas and will be given opportunities to attend conference calls with industry key players such as current and prospective customers. Whatever your concentration, you will find yourself participating in meaningful work where the outcomes will directly impact ClearRisk as an organization. You will often be trusted with your own projects, giving you a strong sense of autonomy with the work you complete, as well as an onus to do every task to the best of your ability. ClearRisk gives you the opportunity to apply your school-learned business knowledge to real life situations, challenging you to grow as a business professional with every task. 

What responsibilities should I expect to have in the technical team?

Working in a tight-knit and dynamic technical team at a startup like ClearRisk means no two days are the same. Depending on your areas of interest, you might be problem-solving with Implementation Specialists in both technical and customer-facing situations. You might also be developing the latest features for our core risk-management platform with other Software Developers and learning new technologies as you go along. Some key areas we would want you to help us are: UX/UI, scalability and data analytics. Regardless of which teams you end up in, you will take ownership of one or more projects that will have a significant impact on our risk management platform.

Who can I go to if I need help during work hours? 

Everyone at ClearRisk is welcoming and helpful and most will make themselves available to answer questions or guide you through a certain process. You will always be given access to the appropriate tools and resources you need to complete a project or task, including but not limited to your own work computer that you can take home with you. Everyone is aware that a large part of the internship is a learning process, and most employees will do whatever they can to help you get comfortable in your role.

Can I work from home?  

ClearRisk follows a work from anywhere policy, whereby any employee can work from whatever environment they feel most comfortable and productive. Currently, we have a number of employees working remotely from home, whether they are in Newfoundland or in other parts of Canada! The office is also available at any point if you’re working from home and looking for a change of environment. 

What is the company culture like? 

ClearRisk’s core values are: Caring, Trust & Fun. These values are reflected in each of our employees, and through the overall company culture every day. The atmosphere in the office is lighthearted and relaxed, and you will often see employees sharing their work with each other and cracking jokes. We don’t take scheduled breaks and employees may get up anytime to grab a snack or a coffee, which are freely available in our communal kitchen area. One of our favorite activities is our weekly team lunch that never fails to bring us closer together. It’s also not uncommon to participate in activities such as food drives and other charitable fundraisers that allow us to give back to the community in a number of ways. 

Where do we post open-positions for students?

You can find our postings on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or through your co-op job boards. Additionally, our website,, should have the latest openings as well.

Are there cool perks to working at ClearRisk?

Yes! ClearRisk is always organizing fun activities outside of the office such as BBQs, washers tournaments, poker games, team socials, holiday parties, and more! This is all in addition to various in-office perks such as office snacks, community coffee, company funded book-club, and of course, free lunch on Fridays!

Do we hire international students?

Yes! ClearRisk is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer that is inclusive of all employees from various backgrounds. We do not discriminate based on race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, family or marital status, disability or any other legally protected class. We will not tolerate harassment or discrimination based on any of these stated characteristics. At ClearRisk, we value bringing different perspectives into the workplace and enjoy celebrating the diversity among our staff and students!

Do work-term students get offered full-time positions after their work-terms end?

Work term students are welcomed to the team with the hopes that they will foster skills that make them a good fit for a full time position in the future. Students will usually be offered a position following their work term if they demonstrate strong initiative, a willingness to learn, and an enthusiasm for the work they do while at ClearRisk. If you are still in school, this might come in the form of offering you a part time position during academic semesters so that you can be kept in the loop about various projects you contributed to during your work term.