Insurance Industry Applications

Enterprise Quality Claims and Risk Management Information Systems at a Mid-Market Price

ClearRisk provides detailed and accurate claims information in an easy to use format, helping organizations to measure, manage and mitigate risk.

Claims and Incident Tracking

  • Manage all types of Claims and Incidents including retention
  • Track Reserves, Recoveries and Payments
  • Improve processes with internal collaboration and workflows
  • Build Reports and Dashboards to identify and mitigate risk

Certificate Management

  • Link COI's to assets, vendors and policies
  • Attach physical copies of the certificate to each record
  • Have vendors submit certificates automatically online
  • Receive email notifications 60 and 30 days prior to expiration

And More...

  • Manage all OSHA Claims and create standard OSHA Reports
  • Manage Vendors and applicable contracts
  • Standard Asset Management or properties, vehicles and equipment
  • Allocate premiums across locations or departments

Risk Management eBook

Risk Management eBook

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Risk Management Videos

Risk Management Videos

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