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Claims Management

Here’s how we make you better.

Claims managers at organizations like City of Saint John, New Brunswick and Northview Apartment REIT Property Management, and others tell us that after using our Claims Management solution they have more confidence and more time to spend on actually analyzing claims, instead of spending time on manual administrative tasks. In fact, our customers report the whole area of claims management has elevated in importance within their organization.

With effective data management and analytics abilities, risk managers using ClearRisk's solution at organizations like yours have achieved claims management process efficiencies, enhanced data integrity & accuracy, better compliance and overall, an improved business performance.

Key Stats

Why Risk Managers and Senior Management love ClearRisk.

Enhanced risk management. Greater operational excellence.

Reduced the time spent on manual tasks: Up to 84%


Reduced the time spent on preparing claims data reports: Up to 95%


Reduction in Total Cost of Risk: Up to 48%

Claims management analytics dashboard
Key Benefits

How we will help you.

● Centralized, cloud-based data collection and management

● Automated, intuitive, & user-friendly interface

● Easy-data accessibility

● Eliminate data duplication and errors

● Streamlined workflows

● Insights and analytics to inform better decisions

● System integration and automated reporting to external parties

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Claims management analytics dashboard
Software & Integration

Claims Management Administration

One claim can involve several parties and multiple systems. Our claims management software eliminates complications by integrating with current processes and pulling all data into a centralized database.

Remove redundant, low-value tasks to focus more on proactively mitigating risk and reducing costs associated with different risks.

Premium Allocation & Policy Management

Automate time-consuming policy management processes and allocate premiums across departments or locations to get an accurate picture of costs, monitor certificates data, and renew upon expiry.

Enable workflows to send automatic notifications when you reach deductible levels, aggregate limits, and more. Attach supporting documentation directly onto policy records, increasing the efficiency of renewal.

Document Management

In our Claims Management software, you or other users can attach supporting documentation and notes to any record, allowing for a full transition to a paperless environment.

Upload files directly or electronically via email into the document database, which is then searchable by title, subject, or content for quick retrieval. Export and share documentation with outside parties in one click.

Organizational Hierarchy

Our solution allows you to create customizable systems that can handle any hierarchy and host an unlimited number of levels. Track claims and run reports summarized by the appropriate department or division, allowing effective reporting on the costs and activities of specific business units.

Asset Management

Automate and enhance asset management operations by managing data from a single system and eliminate redundant manual entry. Efficiently report on claims, incidents, and employees involved with the specific asset mismanagement. Enable automated triggers for repeat offenders to lower claim costs and strengthen safety measures.

Property Management

Store and manage unlimited property and location data. All COPE, valuations, locations, contractors, inspections, pictures and other attachments are housed within individual properties records. Associate insurance policies, contracts, claims and incidents for quick retrieval, savings hundreds of hours during reporting and insurance marketing/renewals.


Take the guesswork out of data analytics. With our Claims Management software, you will reduce costs and improve safety by drilling down to specific claims, incidents, events, and locations.

Modify pre-built report templates such as summary, ad-hoc, TCOR, as-of dates, loss ratios, and claim and incident trends, or create customized reports from scratch with an unlimited number of filters and tools to dissect data. Export reports to PDF or Excel to share outside the platform, or automatically send emails based on schedules or trigger events.


Empower your team with dashboards. Customize and distribute key performance indicators to decision makers and stakeholders in your organization using stunning visuals. ClearRisk's Dashboards allow claims and risk managers, and senior management to see real-time developments of trends, adverse developments, problems areas, and a host of other information and analytics that need constant visibility.

Data Migration

We understand the importance of historical data and enforce strict data integrity rules during implementation. We’ll work with you to clearly define internal processes and understand data relationships. We can migrate data from various internal systems, spreadsheets, 3rd party software providers, or past and current service providers such as TPAs, adjusters, and carriers.


Our implementation is a thorough process that enables maximum efficiencies and customized workflows to adhere to any internal environment. Our team will work closely with you to define the end goals, system set-up, and configuration. We provide project timelines with crucial milestones and desired end dates to keep the project on track.


Business functions and output flourish when automation is enabled and redundant tasks are eliminated. We understand that technology maximizes efficiency and can significantly impact an organization as a whole.

Our system accepts data feeds in and out of the platform to communicate with in-house accounting, HR, and payroll systems; adjusters, TPAs, and carriers; workers’ compensation providers and agencies, and more.


Meet the new you.


Reduced cost incurred on insurance claims


Lower Total Cost of Risk (TCOR)


Improved loss ratios


Enhanced data integrity and accuracy


Greater insights into trends


Optimized deductibles and self-insured retentions


Enhanced corporate memory


Increased compliance and accountability


Improved visibility and decision making

Customers who trust us.

Our Customers
Case Study 1

ClearRisk’s solution enabled the City of Saint John, NB, to reduce annual claims costs by 50%; a savings of $500,000.

Case Study 2

For the Town of Ocean City, MD, using our solution resulted in a complete culture shift in terms of safety and an increase of $144,000 in annual recoveries.

Data Security

We keep it secure.

There's nothing more important to us than the security of your data. We understand how critical it is to your organization as well. We work with the most secure platforms available. Contact us to request our Security Program documentation detailing Application Security, Data Centre Security, Compliance and Certifications.

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