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Data Intake Webform

Automate Claim & Incident Intake.


Data Entry

Configure webforms to capture critical details.

Webforms are configured for each customer to capture all relevant information, including the date and time of the incident, the type of incident, involved persons, and other required fields.

Webforms follow conditional logic, opening up new sections with additional information based on which fields are selected on the form. Files like pictures of the accident scene, videos, PDFs, or any other important documentation are easily uploaded and attached.

Upon submission, details are captured automatically as a record in ClearRisk’s database, including any files that have been attached.

Email Notifications

Notify pertinent parties in real time.

Claimants and employees are able to submit webforms from any internet-enabled, mobile or desktop device. Users immediately receive email notification informing them that a new incident has been reported. 

ClearRisk also integrates with third party systems. When a users decides if the incident should escalate to a claim, they have the ability to assign it to an adjuster, broker, or third-party administrator. Similarly, email notifications are automatically sent out to any party involved for the entire duration that the claim remains open. 


Eliminate low ROI tasks and save hundreds of hours.

In this exclusive video, learn:

  • How to use webforms to eliminate manual tasks and data entry.

  • How webforms provide users with valuable time savings and reporting insights.

  • How our valued customer, Oxford Properties, is using webforms to streamline their internal processes (and how you can too!)

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Brad Lindsay, Director of Risk & Critical Response, Goodlife Fitness

“ClearRisk really allowed for massive time savings, which has made our safety departments scalable as we grow. By automating onerous tasks associated with incident management, we can now focus on new ways to enhance our members' experience through functionality in ClearRisk."

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