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Risk Management

Create your Risk Management Plan.


Risk Registers

Capture risks, their impact & likelihood.

Document general risk information, relevant dates, strategy, and probability information.

Enter more detail in descriptive fields to describe the risk, the business context, the planned approach, and post-mitigation recommendations. 

Treatments and controls are identified for each risk, and details are populated in ClearRisk. This enables the implementation of mitigating measures and methods, to limit exposures & protect the organization from preventable losses.

Heat Maps

Plot your risks and
identify priorities.

Based on impact and likelihood scores, risks are plotted on a heat map. This helps prioritize risks based on how much potential they have to cause harm to an organization. These risks may then be addressed first.

Each risk is assigned a Risk Factor based on the identified probability scores. Risk Scores automatically populate based on this information, ranging from low to extreme.
Case Study

Using data to be proactive.

The third largest food retailer in Canada, Metro Inc., used ClearRisk to uncover a critical exposure across several of their stores. 

Mitigating this risk saved $1,000,000 annually in potential new claims!

ClearRisk enabled accountability, efficiency, & timely, informed decision making. 

And we can help you do he same!

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