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How Real Insurance Brokers Use Risk Management to Win & Retain Clients

Insurance brokers are offering risk management services to differentiate themselves from the competition. Are you ready to change the conversation with your client from a conversation about insurance to a conversation about risk?

In this webinar, our panel of insurance brokers discuss how ClearRisk Manager is being  successfully used within their companies and the benefits it brings to their organization.

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The Risk Management Process in 5 Steps

Small and medium-sized businesses bear the same risk as Fortune 1000 companies, yet until now, risk management solutions have catered exclusively to large companies with large budgets. ClearRisk Manager levels the playing field with plans, maps, risk tools, and more that even small business can use for their mitigation processes. ClearRisk's CEO Craig Rowe provides risk management expertise in a discussion of the five steps of the Risk Management Process and how they can benefit your organization.

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How to Deliver Risk Management Planning to Your Clients

Risk management is a powerful way for brokerages to win business and improve profitability. Your clients expect you to help manage their risk. By working towards risk improvement, you will be better equipped to give advice and help your clients mitigate their risk, leading to better terms in the insurance market and ensuring their continued loyalty to your organization. Are you equipped to take this opportunity to build your customer base, increase your status as a thought leader, and draw in more revenue?

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How to use ClearRisk Manager to get Results with Risk Management

Whether you are managing your organization’s risk or providing risk management services to a client, ClearRisk Manager delivers risk mitigation in an affordable, easy to use, and simple to share online platform. Join ClearRisk CEO Craig Rowe as he discusses how ClearRisk Manager can bring timeliness and structure to your organization’s risk management efforts.

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Top 10 Ways to Use Risk Management to Increase Brokerage Revenue

Using simple tactics, brokerages can provide value-adding services that can help to build and maintain competitive advantage and customer relationships. Many brokers are now advertising themselves as risk management advisors. Are you ready to face your competition in light of this emerging opportunity?

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