Who we are

ClearRisk is a leader in Risk Management Solutions supporting the needs of 150+ organizations across North America. 

Our proprietary cloud-based data and software solutions help large organizations manage risk, claims and incidents, and business continuity planning. We exist to enable success through risk optimization to keep people and assets from harm to make our customers more successful delivering accessible and  less complicated options for risk management.

We empower risk managers and top management to become an invaluable asset in planning for, mitigating, and managing risk. Most of all, we enable them to make a higher strategic contribution to increasing their organization’s overall operational and business performance.

We are obsessed with optimizing our customers’ risk. Our scalable and accessible solutions drive our unique and substantial ROI for ClearRisk’s customers.

How ClearRisk can help you

As a risk manager, you spend too much time collecting, organizing, and entering data into Excel sheets and outdated software. You want to automatically receive data, analyze trends, and generate reports, all with the touch of a button. You want to focus on what really matters: mitigating risk.

We can help.

Our software simplifies your risk management process. We evaluate your current process and recommend new approaches. We keep your data in a centralized location. We record your claims and incidents, generate your reports, and help you identify trends. You save time and money.

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