Our founding

ClearRisk got its start with our founder, Craig Rowe. Craig worked as an insurance broker, a risk management consultant, and a claims adjuster, before becoming the risk manager for the City of St. John’s. He was looking for a software to help manage their incident and claims reporting, and realized there were no products that fit their needs. Because of Craig’s decades of industry involvement, he was able to connect with others facing the same issues. He realized the opportunity to create a solution, and in 2006 ClearRisk was born.

Today, ClearRisk works with over 150 organizations across North America in both the public and private sectors. Based out of Canada, our team involves a mix of risk management experts, insurance specialists, and technologically-savvy individuals who are dedicated to providing the best in risk management software.

How ClearRisk can help you

As a risk manager, you spend too much time collecting, organizing, and entering data into Excel sheets and outdated software. You want to automatically receive data, analyze trends, and generate reports, all with the touch of a button. You want to focus on what really matters: mitigating risk.

We can help.

Our software simplifies your risk management process. We evaluate your current process and recommend new approaches. We keep your data in a centralized location. We record your claims and incidents, generate your reports, and help you identify trends. You save time and money.

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