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Why ClearRisk?

Risk, meet reward.

Our Value Proposition

Core Focus & Expertise

We empower risk managers and senior management at over 150 companies—across a multitude of industries—to become an invaluable asset in planning for, mitigating, and managing risk. Most of all, we enable them to make a higher strategic contribution to increasing their organization’s operational and overall business performance.

Service Excellence

Excellence in customer service spans every company function for ClearRisk. Our team likens this to all being ‘aligned to the North Star’ always focusing on customer success. This concentrated effort to work side by side with the customer is fundamental to a fulsome usage of our product and ultimately, our customers’ success.

Strong Word-of-Mouth

It may be the oldest form of advertising, but there’s no greater promotion than your own customers recommending you to others. Risk managers and top management often reach out to say that they heard about ClearRisk from someone they know and trust in the industry. We take great pride in the fact that our customers are our biggest advocates.

Curated Approach

Each industry has unique risk factors, asset profiles, business practices and regulatory frameworks, among lots of other specific attributes. ClearRisk develops curated ‘industry best-practice’ versions for its key target industries, optimized for the risk characteristics of each key industry.

Hands-On & Accessible

From the launch of our relationship, through training, and one on one customer success support, our team ensures a personable, professional, responsive experience. Whenever our customers have a support request, our team approaches it meticulously, going above and beyond to provide the support they need.

Socially Responsible

Corporate social responsibility is an important part of the culture at ClearRisk. The company consistently “gives back” to the community, and our employees are strongly encouraged to contribute their time and generosity to community organizations.

Insights & analytics to inform better decisions
Risk Management Solutions

Making the data matter.

ClearRisk’s Risk Management Solutions are designed with the business goals of risk managers and senior management in mind. Used by many organizations from different industries for risk data management, analytics, and insights, our solutions have proven time and again to enhance overall business performance through operational excellence.

Solutions Overview
Insights & analytics to inform better decisions
Jolene Ramsay, Insurance & Risk Management Officer, City of Kawartha Lakes

“It’s good to know that you have the municipal understanding, and you’re not trying to fit us into another corporate type of system. It feels good to know that you understand municipal operations, you understand what’s important to us, and understand what we need to do as risk managers to be in the best interest of our own municipality, with respect to claims, with respect to risk.”

Case Study 1

Our solution enabled the City of St. Albert, AB, to save significant time on incident reporting and their risk department to go completely paperless.

Case Study 2

Metro Inc., one of the largest food retailers in Canada, saved $1,000,000+ in potential new claims using ClearRisk’s risk management solution.

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