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How it Began

ClearRisk got its start when our founder Craig Rowe was working as the Risk Manager for the City of St. John’s. He went looking for software to help the city manage their incident and claims reporting and realized there was no product out there that fit their needs. Because of Craig’s decades of extensive industry involvement throughout North America as a risk management writer and presenter, he was able to connect with others facing the same issues. He realized the opportunity to create a solution, and in 2006 ClearRisk was born.

ClearRisk Today

Today, ClearRisk works with over 150 organizations across North America in both public and private sectors. Based out of Canada, our team involves a mix of risk management experts and insurance specialists alongside technologically-savvy individuals who are motivated to provide the latest in risk management software solutions. Our solutions allow our customers to streamline the administrative tasks and processes in data collection, enabling focused efforts in analyzing risk, insurance, claims and asset data. By implementing ClearRisk’s highly automated solutions, our customers are able to allocate their resources to analytical, high ROI initiatives, rather than spending hours collecting, organizing and entering data. The result? Reducing our client's insurance and claims cost by 30-55%.

Our team is focused on delivering the best possible outcomes for each customer. This involves analyzing current data and workflow environments, evaluating current processes and recommending innovative approaches to obtain the highest return on investment. Our success is measured by the positive impact ClearRisk achieves within your organization.