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fleet management

From purchase to maintenance to retirement, ClearRisk tracks fleet information

Designed by fleet managers who understand the challenges your organization is facing, ClearRisk brings effortless automation and reporting that increases departmental effectiveness by eliminating time-consuming activities and lowering costs. Spanning unlimited locations, departments, and business units, ClearRisk enables your organization to have a single data point that promotes effective communication, eliminates redundant data entry, and enhances reporting by automating preventative maintenance schedules, service requests, work orders, and more.

Each workflow has been carefully scoped with specific users in mind. The roles of foreman, mechanic, operator, and admin staff member have specific responsibilities in the lifecycle of your organization’s assets. ClearRisk understands these roles and has simplified the process for every skill level.


Predictive Scheduling & Maintenance

You invested a lot into your fleet; be sure to receive the most value and return from it. Identify the units that are costing you the most, make decisions on when to retire a vehicle, and ensure you never have an avoidable breakdown again.

Parts, Service Requests, & Equipment Inventory

Keep track of all parts and services that have been purchased and assign them to a work order or particular piece of equipment. Contain all data within one central location, including the reason for purchase, expiry date, invoice numbers, cost, warranty information, and vendor. Access tasks, activities, notes, and attachments to ensure that no detail is overlooked.

Warranty Management

Track warranty dates and launch a work order from within the individual part or service listing. Never have warranties expire again with automated email notifications.

Vendor Management

Assign your vendors to a part or service order and draw in all contact and contract information automatically. Users can view the complete history of every part or service along with all costs for specific vendors. Tracking costs will allow you to negotiate lower prices while holding vendors accountable. Create activities and tasks to set important reminders.

Document Management

Within ClearRisk, users can upload and attach supporting documentation and notes for quick retrieval on any record, allowing for a full transition to a paperless environment. ClearRisk’s searchable document database allows users to search by title, subject, and content. Files can be uploaded directly into ClearRisk or submitted electronically via email. All documentation can easily be exported and shared with outside parties such as adjusters, carriers, and lawyers with one click.

Online Web Portal

ClearRisk’s online data intake tool allows for immediate data capture from any device: smartphone, tablet, or computer. This data collection method has been proven to increase data integrity and capture necessary information with mandatory fields. Eliminating in-house data entry, this data intake tool enhances efficiencies while making data available for immediate analytical reporting. The in-depth trend analysis reporting from ClearRisk will allow you to uncover high-risk areas that were previously unknown.


ClearRisk’s easy-to-use report builder takes the guesswork out of data analytics, allowing users more time to do what is most important: reduce organizational cost and improve safety. ClearRisk users can modify pre-built report templates or create customized reports from scratch, with an unlimited number of filters and sorting tools to dissect data

Users can do the following:

  • Create reports such as summary, ad-hoc, TCOR, as-of dates, loss ratios, claim and incident trends, and much more
  • Easily export reports to PDF or Excel for sharing outside the platform
  • Schedule reports to automatically email based on schedules or trigger events
  • Drill-down to specific claims, incidents, events and locations


ClearRisk’s dashboards will allow you to combine data from all integrated modules and efficiently identify areas that require further attention through customizable graphs and charts. Whether you’re reporting on claims, incidents, trends, assets, or policies, ClearRisk’s dashboards allow you to quickly and easily receive a snapshot of your initiatives and measure their effectiveness on the organization.

Data Migration

ClearRisk understands the importance of historical data and enforces strict data integrity rules during the implementation. We work with you to clearly define your internal processes and understand how the relationships operate within your data. Our implementation teams have migrated data from sources including various internal systems, spreadsheets, 3rd party software providers, and past and current services providers such as TPA’s, adjusters, and carriers.


ClearRisk’s implementation is a thorough process that enables our customers to maximize efficiencies and customize workflows to adhere to their internal environment. Your personal implementation team will work closely with you to clearly define the end goal and system setup, including all customizations. ClearRisk will provide project timelines including crucial milestones with desired end dates to keep the project on track.


Business functions and output flourish when automation is enabled and redundant tasks are eliminated. ClearRisk understands that technology is the facilitator of maximizing efficiencies and can significantly impact your department and the organization as a whole.

ClearRisk can be integrated to accept data feeds in and out of the platform to communicate with the following:

  • In-house accounting, HR, and payroll systems
  • Adjusters, TPA’s, and carriers
  • Workers’ Compensation providers and agencies


Security at ClearRisk is of utmost importance and we realize it’s a big concern for organizations looking to move their data to the cloud. ClearRisk takes great pride in working with our partners to provide the most secure platform available. Contact us to request ClearRisk’s Security Program documentation detailing Application Security, Data Centre Security, Compliance and Certifications.