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Why Don't You Have a Risk and Claims System?

Eliminate manual tasks, improve your data

ClearRisk C.E.O, Craig Rowe, shares his experience as a municipal Risk Manager and explains why he started ClearRisk.

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We are a Risk Management Solutions Provider

Empowering Risk Managers and Senior Management.

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Centralized cloud-based data collection, management & analytics
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ClearRisk exists to enable success through risk optimization, delivering effective, efficient, and better options for risk management. ClearRisk developed its cloud-based, user-friendly, and data-driven Risk Management Solutions with just one goal in mind – to empower you as risk managers to make a higher strategic impact to your overall business performance.

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Centralized cloud-based data collection, management & analytics
Key Stats

Why Risk Managers and Senior Management love ClearRisk.

Enhanced risk management. Greater operational excellence.

Organizations using ClearRisk’s solutions: 150+ across North America


Time saved on lower yield activities for Risk Managers per year: Up to 95%


Mitigated potential new claims over: $1,000,000+

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Craig Rowe founded ClearRisk in 2006 in response to a lack of workable risk management solutions in the marketplace. We are obsessed with optimizing our customers' risk to keep people and assets from harm to make our customers more successful.

Far beyond just providing online forms and numbers, ClearRisk offers real solutions that empower risk managers and senior management like you to make an organization-wide impact that drives continuous improvement.

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Jeff Damberger, Insurance and Risk Specialist, Northview Apartment REIT

"Honestly it's a great product, but the product isn't just the system, the product that I really love is your team. I've had great responses, quick feedback, it's never a battle... it's awesome! We're able to provide more service and answer more questions for the rest of the company than ever before. We now hold or are able to track data and respond to inquiries incredibly quickly and now we're the go-to if there is an issue in the company. ClearRisk has provided that data warehouse and freed up our time to use our skills to solve other problems. Everything is in one space, everything is linked together so when I input a claim or an incident my staff are already in the system. I can get data, create reports, and send them out... It's simple. It's not hard. It's an easy system to use."

Key Benefits

Let’s make things better.

With our RMIS (risk management information system), our customers have achieved higher operational excellence, new cost-efficiencies, and better compliance, and yours can too. Here’s how:


Centralized cloud-based data collection and management


Automated, intuitive, & user-friendly interface


Easy-data accessibility


Reduced data duplication and errors


Streamlined workflows


Insights & analytics to inform better decisions

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Who We Are

Why ClearRisk?

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Customers who trust us.

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Our team loves to participate in the community!

We want to make a difference.

Corporate social responsibility is an important part of the culture at ClearRisk. The ClearRisk team is strongly encouraged to give generously of their time to make contributions to community organizations.

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Our team loves to participate in the community!
Case Study: Town of Ocean City
For the Town of Ocean City, MD, using our solution resulted in a complete culture shift in terms of safety and an increase of $144,000 in annual recoveries.
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Case Study: City of Saint John
ClearRisk’s solution enabled the City of Saint John, NB, to reduce annual claims costs by 50% - a savings of $500,000.
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