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Get ahead of COVID-19 with our end-to-end vaccine data management solution

Our Pandemic Risk Management Module will enable companies and non-profits to meet government mandates for vaccination tracking. The United States and Canadian governments are mandating stringent vaccination rules and tracking requirements for federal employees, federally regulated employers, and some health-care employees. The module was developed in 2020 to support risk management processes for public and private organizations related to COVID-19. The regulations are estimated to impact 100 million employees in the United States and millions in Canada.

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Stay ahead of COVID risks and keep employees safe with online report access, trend analysis, and real time insights.

Enhanced risk management. Higher operational excellence.

Specifically, ClearRisk’s Pandemic Risk Management Module offers streamlined communications and reporting. It is paperless, automated, with online data collection within a centralized hub for document management. The tool provides customizable reports and dashboards for every level in an organization whether public or private - front-line, operations teams and management. 

Craig Rowe, CEO, ClearRisk:

“Immediately, when the COVID-19 Pandemic happened, we set out to build a solution to help our customers manage this new and complex risk. We released the ClearRisk Pandemic Module within a few months of the outbreak, with customers using the module ever since to track cases, testing and vaccinations.  In addition to our existing suite of risk management tools, the Pandemic Module provides for data collection and analytics to accomplish the requirements of the vaccine mandates in Canada and the United States.”

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