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ClearRisk™ is a leading risk management software company supporting over 150 organizations in North America.  It specializes in software and data solutions for risk management, claims and incidents and business continuity planning. In response to the Covid-19 health crisis, ClearRisk™ has developed its Pandemic Risk Management Module to support risk management processes for public and private organizations.  In line with our company’s Corporate Social Responsibility values, this module is offered free of charge during this challenging time to essential organizations across Canada like large municipalities, policing agencies, health institutions, federal government agencies, essential retailers and property management groups.  We know these types of organizations are struggling with handling the impact of this pandemic on the health of their employees and the capacity for the organizations to continue to operate.

The Pandemic Risk Management Module web-based tool is easily incorporated into an organization’s existing human resource management and/or risk management processes.  If your current processes are not yet online this tool can be adopted with immediacy.  The module provides focused, usable information to manage the impact of Covid-19 in your organization, to help you better align human resource needs and reduce exposure within your organization.

ClearRisk™  will work with organizations to upload the Pandemic Risk Management Module software, provide training and customer support.  This can be completed in a very timely manner to offset the potentially significant impact of the pandemic and reflect an organization’s existing guidelines around employee privacy.

The ClearRisk Pandemic Risk Management Module offers the following data collection capacity to best manage and align human resource needs:


  • Compiling pandemic details with overall data trends for:
    • Total exposure numbers in the organization
    • Confirmed employee cases 
    • Employees affected by the pandemic
    • Tracking individual cases including, but not limited to, exposure date, specific symptoms
    • Work days lost and back-to-work timelines, by location and department
    • Identifying potential clusters enabling proactive responses with local public health authorities

  • Communication and reporting is streamlined by:
    • Paperless, automated, online data collection
    • Within a centralized hub for document management
    • Customizable reports and dashboards for every level: front-line, operations teams and executive

ClearRisk™ exists to enable success through risk optimization, delivering effective, efficient and better options for risk management. ClearRisk™ applies a diversity lens throughout its operations and is proud to have women make up fifty per cent of its workforce, and growing.  The company was founded by CEO Craig Rowe in 2006 and is headquartered in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada.

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