St. John’s based risk management software leader ClearRisk announced today it has engaged Canadian firm LCM Solutions to provide market development and supply chain support for ClearRisk’s growth strategy. Specifically, LCM will open strategic channels in the insurance industry related to ClearRisk’s risk management, incident and claims, fleet and asset management software and data solutions.


ClearRisk CEO Craig Rowe

"ClearRisk is on a significant growth trajectory. Part of that expansion depends on increasing our market share in the risk and insurance ecosystem. I am excited about our relationship with LCM Solutions. They will help the ClearRisk team create strategic channel partnerships to increase our market penetration. We value partnerships as a means to advance our strategic goals and LCM’s impressive network and resources will add to our continued success. We want to expand our capacity to help optimize our customers' risk to keep people and assets from harm and to make our customers more successful with our risk management software and data solutions. Enhanced insurance and corporate relationships will allow our customers to reduce friction in insurance transactions including renewals, re-marketing, claims and reserve reconciliation, and much more."


LCM Solutions Managing Partner Joseph DeAngelis

“LCM Solutions is proud to undertake a professional relationship with an extraordinarily successful and respected risk management solutions leader like ClearRisk. Enabling customers to meet their strategic goals, expand their market presence and increase their revenues is as much our success as it is theirs. We look forward to supporting ClearRisk’s expansion plans.”


About ClearRisk

ClearRisk supports the risk management needs of over 150 organizations in North America. It specializes in software and data solutions for risk management, claims and incidents, and business continuity planning. ClearRisk exists to enable success through risk optimization, delivering effective, efficient, and better options for risk management. ClearRisk applies a diversity lens throughout its operations and is proud to have women make up forty percent of its workforce and growing. The company was founded by CEO Craig Rowe in 2006 and is headquartered in St. John’s, Newfoundland.


About LCM Solutions

Creating profitable and efficient resource solutions for the commercial insurance ecosystem, LCM adds value through technology, business development, and marketing partnerships. The cornerstone of our solutions is the evaluation of operational opportunities for profitability through loss control and risk management. LCM aligns partnered solutions between services and stakeholders to achieve growth from new market initiatives, products, and services. LCM identifies solutions for competitive advantage by attacking problems that are central to industry relationships, systems, processes, and market drivers. LCM justifies each customer’s solution analytically by capitalizing on technology to create efficiencies and capture data for enhanced decision making. LCM examines supply chain strengths to align enduring strengths of its resource partners to develop attractive growth markets.



LCM Solutions
Mark Weir, Managing Director (Canada)