Insurance Premiums are Killing my Business!
Controlling Insurance Claims & Costs for Small to Mid-Sized Business with Risk Management
by Craig Rowe, ClearRisk CEO, FCIP, CRM

Topics covered in the eBook include:

- Understanding insurance: premiums, market cycles, loss ratio, & rating.
- Getting to know your broker: services offered and how they can help your business.
- Assessing risks of your business: what is risk, and how do you identify it?
- Implementing risk management best practices: insure to value, ACV vs. replacement cost, and more!


This ebook is written to help small-to-mid-sized businesses better understand and formalize their organization’s risk management processes and procedures. Every business is already managing risk, as best practices evolve over time to ensure incidents don’t happen. Once you realize this, formalizing your organization’s risk becomes natural.

"The world is a place fraught with risk and peril. This doesn’t mean we have to close our doors and hide under the bed. The risks may be different today, but that just means we have to find new ways to adapt.  Now that the risks are financial in nature, we use risk management tools to protect ourselves. If we hone our skills and use the right tools, we can operate in comfort, not in constant fear that ruin waits around every turn." -Craig Rowe