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5 Tips to Manage Employee Risk

In Canada, bodily exertion and contact with objects and equipment are the top two events that cause employees to miss work. Risk assessments can be used to protect both the safety of the employees and the security of the business or organization. In industries where heavy machinery and intense labor are required, it's important to take extra measures to thoroughly manage the risks that can put employees in danger.

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Protecting Employees with Risk Management

Robert has been one of your most trusted employees for fifteen years. He is extremely hard working, dedicated to the organization and consistently goes above and beyond to make the company better.

While delegating tasks to your warehouse staff, Robert loses his footing and falls six feet from a platform to the floor below. He is badly hurt, spending months in recovery and is unable to return to work.

What do you tell his family? How do you replace him? What are the costs?

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Employers and Job Hunters Be Aware

With global stock-markets reduced to levels not seen in close to two decades, many employees will be delaying retirements due to the significantly reduced value of their retirement savings. What’s the risk? Employers that were relying on attrition to reduce their workforces may have to look for other alternatives. From an employer’s perspective first-in-first-out represents the biggest cost savings because veteran employees are generally paid more and their benefits cost more. Delayed retirements will mean hard choices to reduce labour costs.

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