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5 Easy Ways to Prevent Fleet Vehicle Theft

Vehicle Theft Risk Mitigate Prevent How To Steps

Theft of vehicles and contents is a frequent type of loss for many fleets. IBC reports in 2014 that over 73,000 vehicles were stolen in 2014 in Canada alone. This is a risk that can often be avoided if some simple efforts are made. In this article we outline five measures you can take to protect your company against theft.
1. Employee Uniforms
If all employees are required to wear uniforms/name tags at all times to indicate they are permitted to drive work vehicles, it will be easier to identify unauthorized drivers and potential thieves.

2. Lock the doors
Not only is it important for employees to lock the doors when away from the vehicle but they should also never leave the car running while unattended, or leave spare sets of keys anywhere in the vehicle. 

3. Vehicle alarm systems
Do not depend solely on alarms; rather use them to supplement your other theft prevention practices because an alarm is ineffective if no one responds to it. Fuel shut-off systems are also useful in preventing vehicle theft.

4. Storage
Vehicles should be parked in a secure location after hours, such as a building or fenced compound. If vehicles are stored off site, implement policies for how employees should store and protect vehicles they take home. 

5. Hide or remove valuables and equipment
Lock all valuables or equipment in a trunk, strong box or other hiding place. if possible, move them out of vehicles and into a secured area.

We hope the theft prevention tips discussed in this post haven given you the information you need to begin implementing a strategy to mitigate exposures to vehicle theft. 
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