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Wholesaler Risk: How Does Your Business Compare to the Industry?


As a key stakeholder in your organization, it is important to ensure that your organization is properly covered in case anything goes wrong as you conduct your operations. As a wholesaler, you must be able to adequately protect yourself from property liability, and your inventory from theft and damage. But how much should you be paying for insurance? How much can you expect any claims that do occur to cost, and how often should these incidents be happening? Read more to find out how your wholesaling business compares to industry-wide averages.

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7 Risks Wholesalers Must Prepare For


Wholesalers, like their retail counterparts, incur many risks while purchasing inventory from manufacturers and selling it to their customers. However, there are some special considerations that a wholesaler must make. If you are in this business, here are some issues you must be aware of and ready for:

Topics: risk management wholesale risk management wholesaler claims

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