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Manufacturing Risk: How Do You Compare to Industry Averages?


As a business owner or key stakeholder, it is critical to ensure that your organization is properly covered in case anything goes wrong as you conduct your operations. As a manufacturer, you must be able to adequately protect yourself from theft, property damage, and product liability. But how much insurance should you be paying for? How much can you expect claims to cost, and how often should these incidents really be occurring? Read more to find out how your business compares to industry-wide averages.

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3 Most Common Claims Facing Manufacturers


As a manufacturer, have you considered what could happen if something goes wrong in your production line? What if a defective product leaves your factory doors and makes its way to a consumer? Do you know what types of warnings and labels you are responsible for? Your work does not end when your product leaves in a shipment. Liability risk management extends so much further. Consider these common claims:

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Occupier's Liability Risk: Reducing the Likelihood and Impact

Every business that owns, rents or is otherwise responsible for property, owes a duty of care to every person that enters those premises. The area of law that is concerned with this responsibility is occupier’s liability.

Being found negligent as an occupier can have extensive repercussions on a business. This can include the financial burden of being held responsible for a claims expenses, to the reputational risk and negative publicity associated with an incident occurring on your premises. To limit these occurences, it’s essential for organizations to take necessary precautions that will help mitigate the frequency and severity of future events. 

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12 Best Practices for Mitigating Product Liability

All manufacturers carry a duty of care in providing consumer products that are safe for its intended use. If an incident occurs, establishing who is at fault can be a long, tiresome, and expensive process. That’s why it’s important to ensure your organization is taking all necessary precautions throughout the entire manufacturing lifecycle. A comprehensive understanding of what you can do to reduce your liability is an essential step towards building a stable financial plan.

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