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Retail with Risk: How Does Your Business Compare to Industry Averages?

As a business owner, it is vital to ensure that you are properly covered in case anything goes wrong with your operations. As a retailer, you must be prepared for theft, liability claims, and accidents. But how much insurance do you really need? How much should your average payout be, and how often should these incidents really be occurring? Take a look to see how your business compares to retailer averages.

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Top 10 Retail Risk Management Tips

 Top 10 Retail Risk Management Tips

In our recently released “Top 10 Risk Management Tips for Retailers”, we looked at som the common challenges and risks facing risk managers in the retail industry, and the top 10 tipsto combat this challenges.  With the volatility of today’sfinancial envir onment, increase in natural disasters, and explosion of technology, it is extremely difficult to narrow it down to just 10 tips.  But as any risk manager would triage his or her organization’s risks, we triaged our list as well.

Below you will find a sample of two of the tips from our list.

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