A risk assessment example is an essential step you must consider when devising protection and security policies for your business as well as your workers. The risk assessment example might also cover the to-do list to stay in compliance with laws and legislation.
The need for the risk assessment example is simple enough. It helps you prioritize the risks that really pertain to your business, in other words, the vulnerabilities that can cause real harm to the continuity and success of your business

What to Look For in a Risk Assessment Example

Identifying potential hazards

The first thing a risk assessment example should cover is the identification of hazards. The risk assessment example should set the direction for you to determine the possible threats your employees or business is exposed to.

Ideally you should survey your property and spot potential vulnerabilities when implementing risk assessment. Your risk assessment example might also indicate surveys meant to investigate what your employees have to say about the work environment.

Investigation of the hazards

A risk assessment example should engineer the detailed investigation of each identified hazard. You need to be clear about who is really affected by the threats and your risk assessment example should indicate the most appropriate way of managing the risk.

The ideal risk assessment example should take in consideration particular requirements of your select few employees such as pregnant women or people with other disabilities.

Quantification of risk and risk mitigation plans

A risk assessment example should not only identify risks but also include the design of a set of actions meant to mitigate the spotted risks. It should take into consideration the law and regulations of your local authority. You can of course do the above yourself but the most efficient way is to get a risk assessment example from a reputable source.

Recording the risk assessment

A risk assessment example should also include the techniques of recording the results of your risk assessment. Although that is a mere writing exercise, you can't afford to do so lightly. A standard risk assessment example is essential.

The risk assessment example should encourage the sharing of the risk assessment results with your staff. If you have 5 employees or less, you might not be required to keep a record of your risk assessment. A risk assessment example should keep things simple.


An adequate risk assessment example should encourage regular updates of your risk assessment. Physical conditions at the workplace change, sometimes without much notice. Regular updates of your risk assessment provides you with a reliable review of your business, whether you are improving or taking steps backwards.

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