Universal Parking of America is a national leader in hospitality and management services. Like many organizations with legacy systems, they dealt with lengthy incident forms and submission processes, which made risk management, incident analysis, and reporting time-consuming and ineffective. With ClearRisk, they have managed to decrease the time spent per claim by 88% and time spent reporting incidents has lowered by 75%. 

Justin Alcala, Area Leader and Claims Ambassador, and his team recognized the need for a system that could do more. Enter ClearRisk, with their centralized database and online data submission web portal. 

The time savings created by ClearRisk, along with the intuitive trend analysis system, have saved Universal Parking $450,000 a year, or a 48% decrease in claim costs.

Justin's role "has gone from helping site managers report a claim or incident to being able to monitor and analyze the data", which has been "integral in creating a culture of accountability and preventative safety within our organization."

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