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Kate Boland

Kate Boland

Recent Posts by Kate Boland:

How Much Does it Cost?

How much does it cost? 

This is the most common question buyers ask when they're shopping for third-party, cloud-based software. Price is definitely a major factor when purchasing, but there are a lot of other important questions to ask that sometimes get missed at the beginning of the buying process. Asking the following questions up front can save buyers some big headaches down the road.

Topics: third party software external software

4 Tiers of Fleet Inspection and Maintenance

Vehicle inspections are critical in not only ensuring that a driver of a company vehicle is safe, but that other drivers are safe as well. Negligence of vehicle inspections and maintenance could have dire consequences for a company in the event of an accident. This post outlines daily, monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual fleet vehicle inspection procedures that protect companies from the risks imposed by uninspected vehicles.

Topics: Vehicle Inspection Fleet Inspection risk management prevention fleet maintenance vehicle maintenance

City of Saint John Saves 50% on Insurance Claims Costs

The City of Saint John New Brunswick has done some incredible things when it comes to Risk Management including saving the city hundreds of thousands of dollars in claims costs annually.

Before 2013, like many municipalities, Saint John was experiencing multiple issues in managing its risk and insurance data. With the number of claims and incidents on the rise year over year, they knew they needed to do something to take control of the situation. Enter ClearRisk.

Topics: Insurance and Insurance Purchasing insurance broker risk management risk management tips risk management insurance municipal claims municipal risk management public sector risk management reducing cost of insurance reducing insurance costs

How to Mitigate Water and Sewer Risks

When water and sewer systems begin to show weakness, residents look to municipalities to come to the rescue. By knowing the main issues that result in liability claims, municipalities can take steps to mitigate the risks imposed by faulty water and sewer systems. In this post, we discuss the three primary liabilities for water/sewer operators and what municipalities can do to avoid them. 

Topics: Water and Sewer Risk

5 Easy Ways to Prevent Fleet Vehicle Theft

Theft of vehicles and contents is a frequent type of loss for many fleets. IBC reported that in 2014 over 73,000 vehicles were stolen in Canada. This is a risk that can often be avoided if some simple efforts are made. In this article, we outline five measures you can take to protect your company against theft.
Topics: Vehicle Theft Prevention Vehicle Theft Risk fleet theft vehicle theft

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