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Occupier's Liability Risk: Reducing the Likelihood and Impact

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Every business that owns, rents or is otherwise responsible for property, owes a duty of care to every person that enters those premises. The area of law that is concerned with this responsibility is occupier’s liability.

Being found negligent as an occupier can have extensive repercussions on a business. This can include the financial burden of being held responsible for a claims expenses, to the reputational risk and negative publicity associated with an incident occurring on your premises. To limit these occurences, it’s essential for organizations to take necessary precautions that will help mitigate the frequency and severity of future events. 

These best practices can be divided into three categories: risk management, claims handling and data tracking/trend analysis. 

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Risk management, in this context, is concerned with mitigation techniques that will help in identifying areas of possible risk exposure and implementing preventive and corrective actions.  These items may involve implementing mandatory inspections, scheduling daily maintenance, and providing additional training to employees.  This small sample of best practices help to significantly reduce the chance of an occurrence, thereby limiting the potential of a costly claim for your organization. 

For more details on these best practices, including tips for claims handling, data tracking and preventative trend analysis, follow the link below to download our Occupier’s Liability - Overview of Responsibilities whitepaper:


Download the Whitepaper


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