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City of Saint John Uses ClearRisk's Software to Save 50% on Insurance Claims Costs


The City of Saint John New Brunswick has done some incredible things when it comes to Risk Management including saving the city hundreds of thousands of dollars in claims costs annually. Before 2013, like many municipalities, Saint John was experiencing multiple issues in managing its risk and insurance data. With the number of claims and incidents on the rise year over year, they knew they needed to do something to take control of the situation. Enter ClearRisk.

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7 Tips on How to Control Your Organization's Insurance Costs


Organizations are constantly searching for opportunities to reduce insurance costs. Companies need to view their role in the insurer/insured relationship differently. The insurance company isn’t selling you insurance; you are selling them your risk. Don't let them assume what you do and what your risks are. By providing detailed risk management plans including your organizations ability to produce and implement trend analysis reporting, your organization is promoting its proactive, risk consciousness environment. When history is unknown or the internal approach is more reactive than proactive, insurers will typically err on the side of caution. This frequently translates into higher premiums and more restrictive coverages and limits.

Follow these tips below to get the best insurance for your organization:

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How Brokers Create Fine-Tuned, Risk-Harnessing, Business Machines

A traditional approach to business might be to avoid risk, at any cost. Risk is dangerous. However, the increasing volatility of a changing marketplace has made it pretty clear that risk is inevitable. Trying to avoid it can leave an entrepreneur in the same position as the proverbial ostrich. The question to ask isn’t so much “how can I avoid risk,” as “how can I make it work for me.” 

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Best of @ClearRisk – Our Risk Management Twitter Feed (Part 2)

This is the second of a series of posts entitled Best of @ClearRisk – Our Risk Management Twitter Feed. Click to read our previous risk management Twitter feed post.

With a busy and constantly updating Twitter feed, it is sometimes easy to miss great risk management content. Last month, we noted some of the most popular blog posts and articles that have been shared on the @ClearRisk twitter feed.

First, we tweeted about The 10 Best Industry Blogs, a post from Risk Management Monitor. This was our top clicked-on link for risk management news; the post acknowledges 10 of the best blogs in the risk management and insurance industry. We would also like to thank Risk Management Magazine for recognizing our blog amongst these great industry resources. Risk Management Monitor provides daily stories, commentary, interviews, and more, all related to the risk management and insurance industry. Be sure to visit Risk Management Monitor and read the blogs mentioned within the full post!

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How to Make Your Clients Understand the Value of Risk Management

Recently, I wrote a guest post for our partners Sitkins International. ClearRisk is a strategic partner of Sitkins International and provides Sitkins members with a way to deliver the risk reduction approach online ™.

This post summarizes the first of three steps in helping your clients understand the value of risk management.

The insurance market is fiercely competitive. Insurance agents and brokers (hereinafter agents) need ways to create a competitive advantage to attract and retain business. There is a great opportunity for agents to really differentiate themselves by helping clients to manage risk more broadly than just providing insurance coverage. The greatest challenge is that most of your clients don’t know anything about risk management; so how do you make them see the value?

Here are 3 how-to steps:

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