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6 Legal Risks Companies Shouldn't Forget


While conducting business, there are countless legal issues that a company may run into. Some, such as negligence in product liability and occupier’s liability, are obvious and most companies already have mitigation measures in place. Others are not considered as frequently and can even happen accidentally. While unintentional, these mistakes can have consequences that are just as severe. Here are several legal risks that all companies should incorporate into their risk management plan.

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Occupier's Liability Risk: Reducing the Likelihood and Impact

Every business that owns, rents or is otherwise responsible for property, owes a duty of care to every person that enters those premises. The area of law that is concerned with this responsibility is occupier’s liability.

Being found negligent as an occupier can have extensive repercussions on a business. This can include the financial burden of being held responsible for a claims expenses, to the reputational risk and negative publicity associated with an incident occurring on your premises. To limit these occurences, it’s essential for organizations to take necessary precautions that will help mitigate the frequency and severity of future events. 

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12 Best Practices for Mitigating Product Liability

All manufacturers carry a duty of care in providing consumer products that are safe for its intended use. If an incident occurs, establishing who is at fault can be a long, tiresome, and expensive process. That’s why it’s important to ensure your organization is taking all necessary precautions throughout the entire manufacturing lifecycle. A comprehensive understanding of what you can do to reduce your liability is an essential step towards building a stable financial plan.

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Risk Assessment Example: What You Should Look For

What You Should Look For In A Risk Assessment Example

A risk assessment example is an essential step you must consider when devising protection and security policies for your business as well as your workers. The risk assessment example might also cover the to-do list to stay in compliance with laws and legislations. The need for the risk assessment example is simple enough. It helps you prioritize the risks that really pertain to your business, in other words, the vulnerabilities that can cause real harm to the continuity and success of your business

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