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8 Reasons Your Organization Should Enable Paperless Risk Management


Are you spending too much time performing repetitive tasks or searching for documents? Tired of limits on your ability to report to your boss, help your customers, and collaborate with your coworkers? Do you think a change could decrease your organization’s losses? A paperless system might be exactly what you need to increase profit, reduce labour, help the environment, and change the way you manage risk from reactive to proactive. Here are just some of the advantages that going paperless with ClearRisk can bring to your organization.

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6 Signs it's Time To Change the Way You Manage Risk


Effective Risk Management is crucial to the success (and survival) of any organization. Traditionally, incidents and claims within an organization have been stored in file folders or excel spreadsheets. With this process there is little to no automation, a lot of duplication and limited ability to predict and mitigate future losses based on past trends. With the number of reported claims and near miss incidents on the rise, should your organization evaluate its current process? 

Answer these six questions to see if it's time for your organization to consider an upgrade:  

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8 Reasons to Implement a Fleet Loss Prevention Program

Loss control is a management priority whether a fleet is large or small. A Fleet Loss Prevention Program can decrease insurance claims and help mitigate the frequency and severity of future losses. Often the other tangible and intangible benefits of these types of programs can be overlooked, but are just as valuable to your company!

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3 Steps You Must Take TODAY to Reduce Your Software Risks

Kit Merker has been in technical and management roles for over a decade, doing everything from project management, coding, design, testing, and running a service. He currently works at Microsoft as a Developer Evangelist. Kit Merker has a blog dedicated to preparing for software disasters. Be sure to follow Kit on Twitter after reading his guest blog post below! 

These are times of economic uncertainty for many businesses, and the very idea of spending much-needed funds on something that might happen may seem like suicide. According to,  business continuity & disaster recovery is NOT a top priority for CIO's.

It's a normal human tendency to stay optimistic and believe that you are immune from disaster. We say, "that'll happen to other people, I'll hope for the best and focus on my day-to-day activities."

But, as I say probably too frequently, hope is not a strategy.

Imagine if a disaster hit and you sustained serious downtime, got hacked, or lost data your customers needed. The results would be disastrous for your reputation and could mean the end of your business. You'd be kicking yourself for not preparing.

But just like a teenager learning to drive, sometimes getting in an accident helps you learn to operate more safely. The good news is that there are practical things you can do to reduce your risks of software disaster.

Here are 3 things you can do TODAY to reduce your software risks:

1. Create a Crisis Phone Tree

I am a huge fan of lo-fi approaches to dealing with the unknown. This may seem like basic housekeeping, but it will help you handle a crisis much better than having the wrong people or the wrong contact information. When's the last time yours was updated? Also, you could create a simple rotation to designate who is "on call" in a given week to handle anything unexpected. You don't need heavy policy & procedure if you have smart people who are familiar with the software empowered to do the right thing.
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ClearRisk Winter Release 2.9 - Coming Winter 2012


Risk Notes 

This winter, ClearRisk Manager is introducing Risk Notes. Notes or text box attachments can be added to any risk in your plan. Notes can be used for providing descriptions or additional information about a risk. Use Risk Notes to document meeting discussions, or to elaborate on how a specific risk affects your business. What’s more, you have the option to include Risk Notes in any report. 

Goodbye Solutions, Hello Folders

You asked and we listened! We have removed Solutions from ClearRisk Manager and replaced them with Folders. The great thing about Folders is that they are optional. Now you can keep your tools and documents organized in Folders or simply list them directly under your risk. For those of you who found Solutions useful, nothing has changed. You can use Folders in exactly the same way to group and organize your tools. Creating and removing Folders is easy! Now there is more freedom than ever to customize your risk management content and initiatives with ClearRisk Manager.

Drag and Drop Organizing for Plans and Libraries

It’s never been easier to organize your Risk Management Plans and Library! Arranging the risks in your plan alphabetically, by risk factor, or by category can be convenient, but sometimes you simply need them in a custom order. Now you can! With ClearRisk’s new drag and drop functionality you can drag a risk to a new position in the plan, drag a folder into a different risk, and drag a tool anywhere you like! Risk Management Planning made easier.

Editable Reports

The Winter 2012 release will introduce editable reporting. Need to add a page to your report? Want to make a few changes before emailing out this year’s risk review? No problem. Now ClearRisk Manager gives you the option to create reports in both editable and non-editable formats!

Task Reminders

Task Reminders are a great new addition to our Summer release Task functionality. Now you create a Task and set up email reminders to be set out hours, days, months - even years in advance. Create reminders for yourself or others; Add as many reminders as you need to help help you and your team on top of your most important risk management deadlines.

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